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Bose 901 VI - sold!

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About 3 weeks ago, I sold my 901's on Craigslist.

The guy who bought them wanted to fill a large playroom with music. He was happy with his purchase and I was ready to let them go.

I tried very hard to like them. And in some respects, I did.

On the plus side, they do play loud without distortion.

But I always felt there was far too much detail missing, the imaging was poor and the music seemed distant.

Every time I swapped in the AR3a's, I got everything back that the 901's left behind.

I listen to mostly classical music and the AR3a's do a wonderful job at putting me 15 or 20 rows back in the hall. On some recordings, it's scary how realistic this effect can be.

The Bose 901 is a decent speaker probably best suited for loud rock or dance music. It's not as bad as a lot of people report. But in no way are they a Hi-fidelity speaker system.

The AR3A is a speaker which starts to approach audiophile quality.

I'm glad I owned the Bose 901 for 5 years.

And now I'm sure they are doing a great job of filling a large room with sound in their new owner's home.

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The right gear makes a big difference/improvement but they still arent ARs. However, they do beat other popular speakers. Long lasting and very hard to 'kill'.

I have mine hooked to a modified Carver C-1 and modified Carver M-1.0t capable of 460 watts RMS and 700 watts dynamic headroom. Another big difference was having the Active EQ rebuilt with upgraded caps. Synergy. I have them turned around in the current room. Great speakers for HT; good for music but my AR90s are MUCH better.

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