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Hold on: This should help




There are 15 electrolytics (including the NPE in the speaker). They are gray jacketed and some are marked Unicon. They're 40 years old, so this time I replaced the ones on the amp board and the tuner board. Here is a list of the caps, along with the measurements of the ones I just pulled. When I replaced, I went up one step in voltage ratings (replaced 16v with 25v, 25v with 35v etc) and used 105 degree caps if I had them on hand. Replaced the speaker cap with a PIO. Those guys sure liked hot melt glue!

  • 1000uF 35v radial (measured 1081)
  • 220uF 35v radial (measured 290)
  • (3) 100uF 25v radial (measured 133, 135 & 139)
  • 47uF 16v radial (measured 66.4)
  • 10uF 25v radial (measured 13.13)
  • 10uF 16v (measured 14.46)
  • (4) 10uF 16v axial (measured from 14 to 18)
  • 2.2uF radial (measured 3.56)
  • 1uF 50v radial (measured 1.47)
  • 1uF 50v axial NPE speaker cap (tossed before measuring)



Check out this thread: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?/topic/8443-advent-400-table-radio/

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13 minutes ago, JKent said:

Welcome John

Here's a schematic.


oops. Just noticed it doesn't give the values. I'll keep looking


Thanks for the fast response!  I 'm going to digest this.  I'm learning a lot about electronics and this project is way cool.  I'm thinking of upgrading the voltage of the caps I replace to something just above what I take out.  Anyone have experience soldering modern lead free solder onto the existing solder?  


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Going up a step in voltage is probably a good idea.

I would not use lead-free solder.

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