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EMI speakers - please shed some light

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I recently bought some EMI loudspeaker ser. No. m2088 at an auction. Didn't think I'd get them as a put in a low bid, but I did! I can't find any info about them and bidding blind didn't realise how big they are! I saw some on eBay going for huge sums so could anyone tell me how they are worth as my wife isn't impressed by my latest purchase.


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EMI is a well-known English name in audio (major record label, etc.), but I believe their products in the U.S. normally showed the Benjamin name as well. With switch controls for both mid (MF) and high (HF) frequency, it seems safe to assume you may have some three-way speakers (since woofers do not normally have separate control). Also, I believe they typically featured oval LF drivers and some were sold through Lafayette mail-order catalogs. 

Benjamin Electronic Sound Corp, Farmingdale N.Y.

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Thanks for the info, looking at them without covers on and your correct oval woofers two smaller speakers. When I bid for them I didn't realise how huge they are.


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