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Snell Type A3-i woofer refoam

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fishboat    0

Hi..I have a pair of Snell Type AIIIi's and need to have the woofers refoamed.  I found a reference in my computer that Carl's Custom Loudspeaker did this at one time, but he appears to have retired from this work.  I thought Carl hung around here..Carl..you there..someplace?


If not.. I also found a reference that Tri-State Loudspeaker in PA did this..I don't see them active on the web either...


Sooo..anyone have any ideas where I can get the work done?



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Recently I had to replace a woofer set, one being burned so bad the spool had to be replaced. The other had a bad re-foam job done during it's stay with a previous owner. Gordon Waters of "Northwest Speakers and Equipment" in Smyrna Ga. did an excellent job replacing the bad spool, coil, spider and dust cover without compromising the cone mass of the left channel and a fantastic re-foam job on the right, and did all that for only $180 plus shipping both ways. I was thrilled. The quality of work was superb, and for so little? I recommend him to anyone. You don't find anyone who loves this type of work as much as Gordon these days.

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