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info on my low boys

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leftwinger    0

Hi, first post here but I'm also a member of multiple audio forums. A couple of months ago I picked up off C/L a pristine pair of Rectilinear Low Boys for $60.  What I'd like to find out is when they were made.I do know the company based in the south Bronx folded sometime in '77/78. From what I got off AudioKarma was that serial #s do not all the reflect born on dates like other companies. I forgot to get both numbers before positioning them and only got 1# 16429 off a small brass tag. Some other info was that I had Jensen woofers and not CTS woofers which could make them even earlier.  If I can figure out how to send pics I will. Thanks, I hope to get some info on these. Pics came through as you can see for whatever reason the woofer looks to be brand new as was the case and even the lattice work. Nothing besides the grill was opened up so no dates on drivers.




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