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I have a pair of vintage banger olofsen speakers and on the end of the cabel its a unfamiliar input adapter. And My question is if i could cut the adapter of and skin the cabel and just use the two copper wires to plug into My stereo/amplifier.

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A belated welcome Arvid

Sorry for the delayed response and please ignore the crass sales pitch from the first person who answered. That response will probably be removed by the moderator.

I'm not real familiar with B&O speakers (this is a New England speaker forum and those are European) but I think at least some of them are active (i.e. powered) speakers and they use a DIN connector. In that case--no. You can't connect them to your receiver as you describe. The first photo below is a DIN connector. It has the silver collar and 5 to 8 pins.

OTOH, some B&O speakers are passive and use a 2-pin connector. In that case you could cut the wire. The second pic below is a 2-pin passive speaker connector.

Best bet is to post a photo of the connector.





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