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Wanted: KLH Tweeter(s) KLH 6(late) 17 20 20+ 33 or compatible

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Scott    0

I would be grateful to anyone who could sell me a KL:H tweeter from one of the following models (all these models use the same tweeter):

Model 6("late style")

Model 17

Model 20

Model 20+

Model 33.

I understand that there might also be a compatible tweeter in one of the "Ensemble" speakers from CSW.

I have a pair of Model 33 speakers, and one has a dead tweeter. My understanding is that they are all identical, so I only need to buy one. 

(I.E. No need for a "matching pair" as they all match each other.  But it might be easier to find a pair.)



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RoyC    0

Hi Scott,

I have one of the painted black versions from a KLH 17. It should work well in your 33's. PM sent.


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ligs    0


Would you be interested in taking 2 KLH-17 speakers. One has the original tweeter and another tweeter  looks like after market. Cabinets are walnut and look decent. All 4 drivers are working. THey would be a nice restoration project. All you need to do is paying Fedex  shipping cost to your address. I have been working with Stupidhead on getting 2 AR3 cabinets to him with just shipping cost. I just kind feel good reducing the clutter in my basement. Again both KLH17's are free except for the shipping cost. 

edited on 3/20/17

KLH17 speakers are no longer available.


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