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FS - DCM Time Frame TF600 Speakers - coaxial/transmission

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******************** Pick up in Washington DC ************************

... Retirement Sale. Another Fresh out of the closet from friends. - $250.00

- Look GREAT and sound Awesome. Solid Oak caps, top and bottom.

- Matched pair - Left and right speaker. Floor standing speakers for the price of bookshelves.




- Google them. Highly regarded. Have deep bass, easy to drive (10 to 250 watts )

- 30hz to 20khz, coaxial drivers with transmission line design.

- 5 drivers in each cabinet. One tweeter in front located in front of mid woofer.

- plus 1 - 6.5" woofer (front) and 2 tweeters back firing.

- see image 3 for all specs.

- Some consider the TF600 to be the best of the Time Frame line.

- Google them and read reviews below on Audio review.


- Quote from reviews below

...These are some of the great old school speakers I've had and never thought of replacing. These have the great looks and great soothing sound quality in them, they sure have a very broad and well balanced huge sound-stage to them. I think you'll need little help in the bottom end, other than that theses are phenomenal speakers. If your to get this kind of well balanced sound you would be looking about 2K - 3K range. It pumps up enough low end for me and I adore these guys from the late 80's, if you see them in the used market around $200-$400 in decent condition jump on them and you'll never regret them.

- Also have a pair of DCM cx-17 - matching coaxial/transmission line bookshelf for rear speakers.

- Also a pair of rare DCM Timepiece speakers.

- Get the whole lot for an AWESOME Home Theater setup !!!!

dcm tf 600 use 1.jpg

dcm tf 600 use back.jpg

dcm tf600 specs.jpg

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