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Removing drivers from KII speakers

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Prune    0

Hi.  I am trying to replace the woofers in my KII speakers.  Any tips on how to get the old ones out?  I tried refoaming one, but had to do it with the woofer in place because I couldn't get it out.  Was not successful.  Thanks very much.

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Carlspeak    0

If the foam no good and if you have a strong tool with a reverse bend at one end, hook it under the edge of the woofer frame and pull up with all your might. Don't know why Snell sealed them so tight being they were vented speakers.

I was able to refoam a pair of all silver Audio Note woofers in situ with help from my wife. It was tough but I succeeded. They were owned by the U.S. attorney for Audio Note. Those 8 inch woofers wouldn't come out easy either.

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