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Hybrid LST, 12 inch LST2

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Red italics are from OP in the BA forum


This topic was spawned from the AR forum discussion of Dome Mids vs Cones.  Let me say first of all that I prefer AR 12 inch speaker systems over others because they have the sound qualities I like already designed into them which in turn makes them easier to set up for my listening preferences.   

However there are at least four problems with owning 12 inch ARs : 

  1. The parts supply is diminishing 

  1. The price is climbing for complete functioning units as well as good DIY candidates 

  1. Shipping, which is almost always required, risks damage to unblemished cabinet corners or drivers that is almost intolerable, regardless of refund, if one factors in the lost opportunity 

  1. The paranoia from imagining having to rebuild by sound systems if I lost all of my ARs through some disastrous event, assuming I live through it.


Because well designed speakers were not exclusive to AR, I have come to believe that the AR sound could be substantially duplicated with readily available high quality bookshelf speakers having certain characteristics and I have placed this thread in the BA section because from experience I know that BA produced many high quality two way speakers.  I  own a pair of A40s and CR65s that I purchased new which, within their limits,  are good little speakers.  There are hundreds of pairs of BA 2 ways for sale on the used market any time you choose to look.  I believe what I want to do could be achieved relatively inexpensively with used BA bookshelf speakers but I don't know which ones would make the best candidates to meet my requirements, which are as follows: 


Create a system that will substantially duplicate the full range stereo sound of a Classic or ADD AR 12 inch speaker.   


Equalizer will be used  

Dual Subwoofers  - one for each channel 

Mirrored pairs of two way bookshelf speakers positioned such that they produce a uniform soundfield covering at least a 90 degree angle per stereo channel.   Mirrored triplets would be ok if it really can't be done with pairs. 

Sufficient, quality watts will be available.  


Does anyone here have a well informed opinion about which Boston Acoustics two ways would be the best candidates for use in this project which, by the way, is real.   

Note: I know there are other good 2 way brands available but please limit this to Boston Acoustics because they are so numerous.  Also, I have stated the problem as clearly as I know how given that I am not an engineer of any kind. Please feel free to elaborate, qualify or extend but please try to be constructive. 


This thread topic originated in a post I made in the BA forum.  I have chosen to continue it in the mods and tweaks forum for the following reasons:

1.        The original idea was a failure because of several issues which all stemmed from two main problems,

a.       Subwoofer performance vs Cost               

b.       The ability to integrate the Subs with satellites yielding musicality equal to an AR12” 3 way speaker.


2.        On a whim. I decided to salvage what was left and see what would happen if I used an AR58s as the bass module for each side.


3.       IMO this topic is now about something other than AR or BA speakers alone.



If you can imagine two AR3ts angled and sitting atop an AR3 then you can visualize a 12” LST2, which BTW never existed for sale.  As I write this, I am listening to a similar configuration , only in this case I am using BA CR65s atop a AR58s pair.   My original target with subs and satellites was to duplicate the 58s sound but, as I said, that was failure.  What I am hearing now, and for the last five days, is easily equivalent to AR9s except in the very deepest base i.e. 32hz range. 

I don’t see why this can’t be done with any AR12” flat side woofer system and two amps that can each carry a four ohm load.  I already had the amps and 1 equalizer.  The additional total cost for used equipment was about $150 which purchased 4 BA CR65s and an equalizer. 

Taking the system to the LST level will require an amp that can carry a 2 ohm load and another pair of BA speakers.  I have been listening and comparing this arrangement to 9s and 3as all week using high dynamic, full range classical recordings and demanding non-classical.  It does take some dialing in but it really works.  Fearing I would come off sounding like just another hi fi nut I almost did not post but this is so doable at a bargain price I decided to share.

I have received advice and tips from a few members on this forum that lead me to this but I did not drop your names in case you prefer to remain unconnected with this mess.    







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