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BA/AR LST Hybrid (BLAST Stack) and AR5a improved

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3 hours ago, ligs said:

NHT 1259 has an in-line low pass passive crossover at around  100 Hz as in NHT 3.3.

The satellite is about 2 ft away from the backwall and  just sit on the boxes containing the sealed NHT 1259's.  

Does the JBL127h1 have a cut freq or is it allowed to roll off below a 100Hz?


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I have a very rough idea about the frequency responses measured in my room with the help of  a Radioshack analog SPL meter and Stereophile test CD. The response cures will not be comparable to any other  lab measurements.  These curves are not calibrated and are meant to serve as a comparison purpose.  The microphone is placed about 1 meter between the JBL woofer and tweeter.


Keeping that in mind. It does appear that JBL 127H1 satellite without NTH 1259  begins to roll off  below 200 hz. This is due to the very small sealed box volume , a 50 ohm resistor across woofer and the placement of the satellite without room boundary reinforcement.  Combining with NHT 1259, the entire bass region (red and green lines) becomes flatter and extends at least to 32 Hz. As shown.





Satellite FR.PNG

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