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How to remove woofers from1090 cabinets

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I have a pair of 1090 and can not get the woofers out. I have removed the 6 screws and taken out the xover to push from behind the speaker but it will not pop out. I am missing something, any tricks to get speaker out with out damage?

Are there any other screws or connectors I am missing.

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This a slightly different idea that I got from Richard so. I used an L hook like the kind you screw into a garage 2 by 4 to hold a bike,, water hose, etc. The size I used was under a .25 inch. Don't know the exact size package did not say., needs to be just slightly bigger than the mounting hole in the speaker. I screwed the L hook into the speaker hole then used a claw hammer on the L hook like I was pull out a nail, speaker worked out. So as not to damage speaker frame I put another L hook in across from first and did the same thing, speaker pop out. 

Now I can send my speakers to Richard and get the 3 damage woofers repaired !





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