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Hi Guys,

I am the second owner of these speakers and they are spectacular and nearly perfect... I didn't want to sell them, but I have too many sets of speakers and nothing to drive them. They have not been used for quite a while and are in perfect condition, except for two minimal tears which are pictured in pictures 2 and 3.

Best offer gets them. Want them gone by this weekend.. Cash Talks!








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for those interested, these (same units) are on CL for $300 or best offer.

I would wonder about the surrounds condition, can you confirm original or replaced Marc?

Real shame about the "tears"

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they are perfect other than the two small tears.  they are original... no dry rot or ridgidity in the suspension.  sound amazing.  They were in my livving room for a while and then in a climate controlled basement with a pair of Ditton 25's.  I just have all Celestion Dittons at this point.  fro the 66's down to the 25's.


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