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Bozak LS-250. Any information?

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I just got a pair of Bozak LS-250s and there is very little info on these on the 'net. I haven't looked inside yet or even listened critically but they are pretty substantial, about the size of the AR-2 (ish). Drivers are B199 BC woofer (12"), B450 C midrange, B200 Z tweeter according to information I found. The 12" woofer has a pleated surround--no foam. The only negative so far is the finish: fake walnut vinyl. Oh well.

I'll be back with some photos but does anyone have these? What can you tell me?


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So I listened and they sound good. Not AR-3a good but good. The tweeters aren't Bozak, they're Vifa DT25G. Dimensions are 23h x 14.5w x 11.5d. According to some sales lit I saw,  the LS-250 had a level control for the tweeter but mine do not.

Don't know how to characterize the design. Not ported but the woofers have no gaskets, so not exactly sealed and there is no stuffing--the cabinets are lined with 1" thick padding. The sales lit called it an "infinite baffle" design but I thought that was for drivers in MUCH bigger boxes (then again, that same lit stated "Exposed surfaces are clad in walnut-grained vinyl of such quality that it is scarcely distinguishable from actual wood"  If you believe that, I have a bridge for sale or a Nigerian prince to introduce you to). According to Wikipedia "Rudy Bozak never offered an acoustic suspension speaker system; he stated that the full transient response and clean bass for which his woofers were famous could not be obtained with the heavier, reinforced woofer cones necessary for acoustic suspension. Bozak began offering smaller speaker systems to answer consumer demand, but none were noted for exceptional performance until the LS-200 and LS-200A of the late 1970s."

So I guess the LS-250 is part of that series and therefore have "exceptional performance." This pair appears to be from 1982. The 12" woofers are apparently essentially the same as those used in the Concert Grand, the refrigerator-size speakers introduced in 1951!

Bozak LS250 xo.jpg

Bozak LS250 20.JPG

Bozak LS250 12_c.jpg

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Hey.....I know it's been awhile, LOL!

I have these same ones only the tweeter control is available on mine.....only difference I see from your pics! These, when placed well are really nice for Listening to what I listen to........which is Blues mainly and they shine with a good EQ because of my room dimensions aren't ideal.

If you still have these I would like to know what you think of them if you have done anything such as placements or ? I have mine, currently, connected to a Denon PMA-550 and they have excellent Bass, mids and highs for my tastes. Better than my old BA T-960's.

BTW: I run my amp with NO Tone controls (tone defeat) and my EQ at just barely above the "0" (midway) points and get the best out of these. I have heard the older "B series" but never owned any so I have no idea what to compare these to when it comes to Bozak history. I'm happy with these and because I'm not into anything more than 4 speaker amps......these and my BA's are mostly all I need for music.

Let me know if I can answer any specific questions.




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I'll post pics later......

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Bozak Listener Series 


30 cm woofer Bozak

Mid and tweeter- Audax

Freq response- 28-20,000 +\-3

Sensitively 92db (1v/1mt)

Impedence 8 ohm

weight 20kg

i just broke mine out for an upcoming party. Driving them with Hafler dh200 amp

and hafler 101 pre amp

These are going back into service. They sound amazing compared to all the micro speakers.

so warm and really come alive if you push them.

i picked mine up in 1980 right at the dock at the Bozak factory 587 Connecticut Ave Norwalk CT.

my brothers girlfriend best friend worked there and got me a great discount.

these are very nice vintage speakers.

mine have 9/79 and 2/80 date codes.

i had an issue with the tweeters in the late 80s or 90s and brought them to Glastonbury ct to the factory for repair. They were really great and replaced drivers and tested everything.

i believe this was actually the NEAR factory after Bozak sold to them.

these sound great- no sub needed like the small speakers nowadays.

after firing them up and cranking Steely Dan- i now realized how kind my parents were back then. Im shaking the pictures on the walls here!




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