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HI all - Well I am an old guy and have been collecting speakers since a teen. As with many others on these forums I have run into my share of GOLDEN finds at thrift stores and on Craigslist. Unfortunately, this post is in reference to a much less than GOLDEN (more like tin) find. Picked up a VERY early pair of Vandersteen 2 the other day. So early that the back connection plate says "Model II" not "Model 2" and only one set of binding post so these can not be Bi-Amped. Anyway, before I learned all this I figured I would need to re-foam the woofers and passives  - fairly simple and done deal. Once opened I realized that one of the woofers was totally missing and one of the passive was also missing. Now the dilemma is finding replacements that will work with these early Model II. I am sure I can get replacements from Vandersteen but the passives are 180 a pair and the woofers would be more resulting in a restoration cost that is more than they are worth. Looking for mid priced retrofit for both of the original speakers or an exact replacement for the missing woofer and passive. I am hoping to go with original replacement parts and keep it all original BUT - if and appropriate retro fit can be done at a reasonable cost (considering their value) I am good with that as well. ANY THOUGHTS - PLEASE HELP!

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I see raw speakers on eBay but, if cost is a determining factor you may move on to another speaker that doesn't required additional expense.

There's a few used ones on  the auction site at the moment, they seem fairly priced.

Your call.



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