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Two pair of 3a's. One pair of 2ax. All crossovers rebuilt and woofers redoped. Non-functioning tweeters in the ax's replaced with appropriate HiVi domes. The speakers were all thrift store finds over the last few years. Cabinets have been refinished and look pretty good. I prefer to listen to them without grills.

I'm using three amps. A Mac MC 7270, an NAD, and an Adcom for a total of 570 watts per channel.They are hooked up to a Mac C 31V preamp which has outputs for three amps. The turntable is an Onkyo CP 1260f Quartzlock with a carbon tone arm. Cartridge is an AT 440mla. I mainly listen to vinyl but also enjoy 7” reels on my Teac A 3300 and the occasional cassette on a JVC DD 77.

Most of the equipment came from thrift stores. The Macs were free. The Adcom and the AT 440mla were eBay and Amazon respectively.

I have a smaller system in the den featuring a nearly mint pair of AR 18's with a Velodyne subwoofer.



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