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  2. Are these 2Ax's beyond repair?

    I purchased the controls and caps from vintage-ar on eBay. I just installed all of it in one of my 2Ax's and wow ! They sound great. And it's nice to have working controls so I can tune in the mix between the 3 speakers. I'm going to redo the other speaker now. Psych !
  3. I live very near you. Can you PM me pictures and asking price please? Thorne
  4. Today
  5. It seems like this should have been discussed at some point over the years but I have not seen it. Today, I was reading an old AR2ax thread from 2012-----a vigorous contratemp regarding the meshing of the dome tweeter with the drivers of the 2 way 2a system to make the 2ax. At one point the discussion turned to potentiometers and the frequency ranges they effect when I realized one huge advantage the AR5 possesses over the AR2ax that I have never seen explicitly stated on this site or in AR literature. The AR5 allows output adjustment of the midrange from roughly 600 to 5000hz while the AR2ax allows midrange adjustment starting at 1400hz. This is over an octave of extra adjustment and is significant because some the most offensive mid frequency problems occur in the octave and a half between 500 and 1500hz. The dome midrange certainly adds some nuance for those who care about power response, but the bigger advantage and difference is crossover frequency and ability to adjust output in a frequency range which is in no way adjustable on the AR2ax without an equalizer. The usual way of comparing one system to the other is to point out the dome mid range of the AR5 and its resemblance to an AR3a but in other ways the 5 is pretty much a 2ax. Not True. And the only way to negate the huge advantage of crossover difference is to use a graphic equalizer in which case the two systems should sound very similar with the difference being power response. In all the discussions of 2ax vs 5 on this site I have never seen this difference covered. Adams
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  7. Restoring KLH Model Thirty-One Speakers

    As you stated, Kent, I did not notice any difference between woofers, significant nor other. I finally received the resistors and capacitors from PartsExpress yesterday, so after work last night I swapped those in, then mounted the stock woofers and whamm! what a beautiful sound! I am more than pleased with these Model Thirty-Ones. They sound... smooth, like a Shure V15 phono cartridge. The tweeters are the dominant component here. There is more mid-tone coming from them than there is from the woofers, from what I hear, and they sound sooo good. As luck would have it, immediately after my previous post I spotted a new posting on the auction site. It was for a single Model 32 speaker, working great, and for $20.00. Got it. It arrived this morning. I swapped the mystery woofer with this 32's woofer (I know for sure these are the exact same woofers) and I now have a complete, correct pair of KLH Model 31 speakers, serviced and looking and sounding great. Posted the donor Model 32 on the auction site, specifying the substituted woofer, for $25.00 or B.O.
  8. Is AR coming back?

    It's nice to see the brand back, but these appear to be commodity-type products, typical of what's available from China these days. I believe that Absolute Sound magazine has reported that the modernized KLH Model 9 electrostatic will be in the neighborhood of $30,000. This speaker is pushing 60 years old, and it still looks cool; it's like the Steve McQueen of speakers. This description is from Sound & Vision magazine: KLH, the legendary speaker brand cofounded by Henry Kloss, is back from the dead with a new owner and a full line of new speakers. The new owner is Klipsch veteran David P. Kelley who is operating the company in Noblesville, Indiana. He's starting out fairly ambitiously with the big electrostatic speaker pictured. That's the Model Nine. It is being built in Columbus, Ohio under the supervision of David Janszen, son of Arthur Janszen, the Nine's original designer. The new KLH line is so fully populated that it's impractical to list all the details here. But you'll find floorstanders, monitors, satellites, centers, and subs for every conceivable need, with attention to detail such as tinsel leads, chrome screws, and nice veneers. In a tip of the hat to the company's origins, all models are named for streets in Cambridge or Harvard: Kendall, Ames, Windsor, etc. Fresh redesigns of KLH's legendary table radios are also present. And yes, there's an Atmos-enabled speaker, the Beacon Atmos ($398/pair), which is designed to sit atop the Beacon Surround ($498/pair). Pricing for most models is on the affordable side. We look forward to getting in a full 5.1.4-channel set for review.
  9. Is AR coming back?

    IMO, designing and building your own big woofers for a full range AS speaker would be a pretty heavy and expensive lift for such a speculative venture. There are several small AS designs on the market but all of the last octave capable, full range speakers that I know about are big box bass reflex. Seems like a cruel turn of fate for AR to make ported speakers. I would be comfortable with a well integrated AS sub/sat system approach if I could easily find something as musical as an AR3a. Adams
  10. Is AR coming back?

    That would depend on the owner. The new KLH appears to be making some acoustic suspension models. But they're solidly in the modern small-woofer camp, with no big-woofer models.
  11. Is AR coming back?

    And they would probably make ported speakers.
  12. Is AR coming back?

    In order to make a real comeback, AR would need what KLH got...a new owner.
  13. Is AR coming back?

    Since Voxx owns the rights it'd most likely be low quality
  14. Is AR coming back?

    3-17-18 Is AR coming back? Well, if ‘KLH’ can do it, why not AR? Forget the little boxes, I'd be thinking of the model 9. https://www.soundandvision.com/content/klh-returns-full-line
  15. Hi, New With New To Me AR-2ax Pair

    Nice work Sarals...and treating them with respect is awesome. Reading your thread takes me back seven or eight years ago with my first AR. Since then, about thirty or forty pairs of assorted AR's have through here and have learned so much about them...and their personalities as I refinished them...and of course...cursed at them often!..:) Having the help of Roy and others on this forum fed the interest and they taught me much about the inner workings. I do love the sound of AR's and they are warm to me...and love the bass on the 12" woofers. So....welcome to the club and although they are your first...it probably won't be your last!....just a warning...;)
  16. Hi, New With New To Me AR-2ax Pair

    Bob, beautiful job! I'll post a photo of how I dealt with the capacitors. I removed the old wax caps from the cardboard box and hot glued the poly caps inside, running the wires out of the open end. It would have been tidier to do it the way you did. I did squirt some Deoxit into the controls for good measure. I reused all of the fiberglass as well as the paper cloth behind the woofers, used new "duct putty" for the woofers, and buttoned them both back up. Before putting the woofers in, I made sure the controls worked and that the midrange and tweeters were both working in each cabinet. I initially hooked them up to the SCS power amp I have which is driving the Advents. Once I was sure they were (more than) fine, I connected them to the Marantz 2270 and placed them where they are in the video. After the video, I moved them further apart. One of the things that strikes me about them, other than their (lack of, a good thing) sound, is how BIG they really are! I've had larger speakers over the years, but they were floor standers. These speakers are just plain big for "bookshelf speakers". I plan to get some short stands to place them on, I'm thinking a foot to eighteen inches tall. I've noticed already that they like being near a boundary to reinforce their bass. Oh, I'm using really crappy zip cord for speaker wire. I need to get my hands on something better, and a bit heavier to boot. So this thread doesn't die quite yet, I still need to do some sprucing up in the cabinets. I haven't decided if I'll clean the grill cloth. I kind of like the patina. They're not abused/wrecked/damaged, just aged, and it lends them sort of a civility in their old age, and speaks to their long lives and heritage. Now, only a woman of a certain age would say such a thing, but, hey!
  17. Hi, New With New To Me AR-2ax Pair

    Ah. The famous Jean-Francois Paillard version. Nice.
  18. Hi, New With New To Me AR-2ax Pair

    Sounds great Sara! but You are killing me with the 2270. now I have to find a nice Marantz of my own. As for the sound I had the same conclusion, my tweeters are not super bright, but they are there. the mid is loud by comparison, and overall the speakers have a nice sound so I concur with your review. Mine are paired with my AR4-ax's and between them I have a nice balance of highs and lows. But my 4's have replacement tweeters that have always been very bright. As for mine, I changed course on the caps, I bought a kit of potting epoxy and planned to put the caps in the wax box, but then I decided to leave that alone and mount the new caps on point to point terminals. I used some new style fake cloth covered wire that is really cloth over pvc that I use in old guitar amp restorations. I have a bunch on hand and wasn't about to buy more wire just for a few inches. I cleaned up the original pots and tucked it all back together. I am very pleased with the sound. but I am a little sad the project is done! I still have a plan to restore the old AR4's next, but for now I am just enjoying the sounds. Bob F
  19. Hi, New With New To Me AR-2ax Pair

    Here's where I am right now (recorded with an iPhone): So, that's what classic AR speakers sound like! They're much, much better than my memory serves. The tweeters do work, but my, they don't have a lot of output. Unless, that's normal. The top end is somewhat soft, yes, but they have a very, very neutral midrange. No forward mids, here. The lows are punchy, but they do lack that last octave. They image surprisingly well, just as well as any modern speaker I've heard. Top to bottom, I classify the overall sound as very smooth, very even. Warm? No, not really. Maybe a little dark. They're gorgeous sounding things! They're a nice match for the Marantz 2270. If you're wondering what that piece of particle board on the floor is, I use it for my bicycle rollers. They tend to drag on the carpet when I'm riding them, this stops that from happening. Next - the cabinets!
  20. Last week
  21. Preferably close by Plymouth, MI. Our "cute" puppy chewed the front bottom corners off of one of the cabinets and I just can't stand looking at it anymore. I'm hoping to find someone who's parted out the drivers but kept a cabinet or two. Thanks for looking!
  22. Restoring KLH Model Thirty-One Speakers

    Both Ar and KLH used this cross-hatched (aka "hot cross buns" or "tic tac toe") pattern to add some damping to the woofers. I doubt you will hear any significant difference between the two woofs. Good luck with the rest and keep us posted. -Kent
  23. AR 4X Cone/voice coil/spider replacement

    Hi Josh - - you're getting good advice so far, and yes, welcome to CSP. Posting pics is the best way to inform others of your particular situation - - best to use jpg file format and keep image size below 100KB. Torn cones can often be repaired but it becomes more challenging when the tear is near the VC. The mention of "...the woofer had a short and after a little dissecting noticed the lead from the coils were not connected..." sounds somewhat troubling, but that does not necessarily mean you are into cone and voice coil (and surround) replacement yet. Even if the woof cannot be salvaged, it should not be too difficult to find a proper replacement, if you have a little patience.
  24. AR 4X Cone/voice coil/spider replacement

    welcome Josh. are you able to post pics please. you say "torn" but how bad. marrying ripped/torn cones with coffee filter material from the backside can result in an almost seamless appearance. seems I see separate woofers come up on the auction site (with cloth surrounds) for around $50ish, criss cross is the wild card for a match. kudos for keeping it oem in any case
  25. Restoration stopped at woofer

    Ok. Hooked up little sister (AX #84707). The tweeters play beautifully, mid range only scratches slightly when turning the knob. Woofer...out. The battery test clearly shows it's getting s signal (...yeeeeah....), just not paying sound. This woofer DEFINITELY has a butyl coating, whereas the other had none. I mean zip! Now, here is a truly dumb question...if one were to be over zealous cleaning the voice coil (because you thought there was a schmutz coating it, only to find out it may be a vanish or an enamel coating), and perhaps stripped that coating off...would that be enough to cause problems. I.e.: say causing an ohm meter to read OL if tested? The wire is still attached firmly to the core, just shiny now. I spent a good hour with a magnifying glass looking for a break, nothing (yes, it may be underneath, I realize that). Did I screw up being too OCD, lol!? Can I fix it? What the heck is ferrofluid? I also removed the flat dust cap today without cutting, in case that the above mistake can be corrected, and I can shim the voice coil and reattach.
  26. Hello everyone, I'm new to the vintage speaker arena and I'm having trouble finding the correct replacement woofer cone/voice coils for a pair of AR4x's I came upon. They look original, cloth surrounds, ribbed cone. 69 is the year on the drivers, serial numbers on the cabinets suggest early 70. I cleaned out the pots on the first one plugged it in and sounds pretty good. While working on the second speaker, the woofer had a short and after a little dissecting notices the lead from the coils wee not connected. Unfortunately, the cone was also torn around the circumference of the voice coil. Can anyone suggest a suitable replacement for the coil and cone? I'm assuming there is no way to save the cloth surround in the process, its a shame they looked pretty good.
  27. AR-6 missing tweeters

    Just one more thought, jevenup. All of the AR-6's I have seen have used a 10uF cap in the tweeter circuit, but mine have all been either Version A or Version B as shown in above schematics. The schematic above for Version C includes the amended note for a 6uF cap, but clearly yours are showing an original 10uF cap. After you find some suitable AR tweeters to use, I'd suggest first testing them with the 10uF caps (old caps first.... then new), but you might want to have some lower values on hand (6uF?....maybe even 8uF?) as back-up options for comparison testing. The only reason I mention this is because I've seen printed material (company literature, reviews, etc.) that state three different crossover frequencies for the AR-6: 1500Hz; 1800Hz; and 2000Hz. This excellent thread below shows examples of all three versions, and when you get to the first post from KlausDK, you'll see an AR-6 (Version C) from Europe which uses the 6uF cap. There were many variable components among these different versions of the AR-6, and it may take a little exploration and testing to find the combination that suits you best. It is not always perfectly obvious with a straight-line solution. http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?/topic/1687-ar-6-crossover/ Are you in the USA, Canada, Europe, or elsewhere?
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