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  2. The AR 2X.... opinions?....

    Thanks for reply guys. Guess I will replace cap and hopefully just clean pot since I went to the trouble of refinishing cabs. Was out of town for a wedding this weekend and ended up screwing up my back so the 2x will have to wait....:) Did a keg of beer get heavier in the last twenty years?....sigh...
  3. Replacement Speaker Cloth

    Just an update after all these years, I just ordered a batch of the fabic that RoyC called out in this original post, and I always appreciate his, and JKent's thoughts and advice on rebuilding Acoustic Research speakers. I've done a pair of AR-4ax and my "daily drivers" the mighty AR-3a. Thanks everyone!
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  5. Allison CD8 Speakers

    Marc, where are you located?
  6. The list is now under the For Sale section. Lots of drivers plus the AR-90 and 91 speaker systems. http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?/topic/9727-ar-speakers-lots-of-speaker-parts/
  7. Hi Guys, I am the second owner of these speakers and they are spectacular and nearly perfect... I didn't want to sell them, but I have too many sets of speakers and nothing to drive them. They have not been used for quite a while and are in perfect condition, except for two minimal tears which are pictured in pictures 2 and 3. Best offer gets them. Want them gone by this weekend.. Cash Talks! Thanks, Marc
  8. A lurker steps out!

    Hi stan461, that foto was taken in late 2014 with a cell-phone that had a remarkably wide lens. I don't have any such capability though I can tell you that I've added two traps in the corners of the front walls and that the white bags you see under the components containing records have mostly all been cleaned so the white bags are gone. At the time of the foto I was enjoying a Denon DL-301II MC cartridge which was excellent at that time for me. Since, I've upgraded to Lyra Delos and Kleos cartridges that made a world of difference in the sound quality and have upped the quality of sound to new heights. So, you'll have to deal with the older foto. Oddly, I wonder if anyone has actually posted a foto of their set-up here*, have you posted a foto of your set-up? I think we should start a thread that shows each and everyone's set-up and maybe have a contest as to which system is the most properly and correctly set-up. Videos would be great but, many folks rely on their computer's tiny speakers and therefore pointless. * well a couple have but, it was laughable without any consideration of acoustics, or speaker placement or other important factors.
  9. I have an AR 11" woofer from an AR-9 that has about a dime size chunk taken out of the edge. Anyone know what the cone material was and can I mix some up to do a repair? Are you dying to know how that happened? They were stored in a garage/shed and looks like a mouse ate some. Found dead mouse bones inside.
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  11. A lurker steps out!

    Frank - how about a current photo? Please...

    Both articles were very interesting to read. It was truly nice to see how state of the art the AR9's were considered. But, I have to wonder, did the Hirsch-Houck lab provide measurements for the 2 different magazines? If not, those were some of the most consistent measurements I've ever seen published, for a set of speakers. And this was for 2 sets of speakers. Impressive. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Upgraded AR-2a to 2ax Resto

    I drove out to Brooklyn last weekend and picked up a set of the original midranges.

    Here's the Micro Acoustic cut sheet on the MS-1. As you can see in it, MA promised both increased off-axis output and extended response. But the increased off-axis output is the main feature, while the extended response isn't described until the third page. The discrepancy in perception may be related to the fact that there are two different versions of the MS-1. The version I have has two small tweeters flanked by two larger ones; you may have the other version, in which all four tweeters are the same. MS-1.pdf

    Hi Frank my first speakers were the Micro Acoustics MA 3 i bought from my best friend and i will agree with you before i created a frankenspeaker out of my 93s the high end was not as focused as it now
  16. AR3, AR-3a match with Mcintosh MC240?

    Hi, Kent, Stimpy Buy more MC240 is impossible in this time, because my wallet have a big hole, Ha Ha again! I saw Mcintosh MC2105 is look like same era with MX110z, but I think 2105 is hard to compete with 2155. You agree with me? or they different in sound signature? (I never listen to 2105 before) I must sell some out, I cannot keep most of them, if you were me which units you will keep up?

    Yes, really. At least, that's how they sound to me.

    GeneK, really? To me and everyone I knew back in the day were highly impressed with the amount of information presented by the "Micro-Static's". I presently use a pair above my AR-9's however, at a reduced level as the AR-9's tweeter does a good job on its own. I only use them for 'spread' as I have become accustomed to the wide-field of sound that my double LST's produce and find the 9's a touch 'beamy' comparatively speaking. Surely, the level controls should be turned up all the way to fully enable one to hear a greater amount of high-frequencies, why wouldn't the listener not do so? Granted, they do offer a two position shelving of frequencies that enable the choice of where they cut-in. Their two front facing tweeters aim only slight off axis and the two large tweeters aim slightly off from there but, I don't understand why you wouldn't hear a very noticeable difference when compared to pre-AR-11's tweeter? Which speakers were you using them with and were that speaker's tweeters operational? Generally speaking, I don't think it would be easily noticeable to hear the differences between slightly off-axis or directly on-axis in most cases with such tightly grouped tweeters from a measurable distance. There is certainly no way that there isn't a strong difference in using "Micro-Statics" as compared to the 'pre-AR-11' factory 3/4 inch AR tweeters whether they are used with an operating AR tweeter or if the AR tweeter is ailing, weak or reading dead open. Nor is it inconceivable to deny AR's deficient tweeters lacking an amount of high-frequency energy. AR's displayed and proven admission that their speakers were lacking in this area is more than obvious as they made every upgrade they could once they caught on to popular public-opinion and dismal sales figures, that is even plainer to see. The point in my post is regarding AR's change of their tweeters response and power handling ability. With a change in their construction, the addition of 'ferro-fluid', etc. the change was easily noticed and open-arm welcome by many if not all AR speaker users and aficionados then and certainly through out the following years. FM

    The AR "t" and "st" add-ons were intended to upgrade the AR-1 and AR-2 to the equivalent of the AR-3 and 2ax. I have several pairs of the Microstatics, and their main effect on sound is to boost off-axis HFs. I don't really notice any significant difference on-axis unless I crank their level controls full up.
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  21. 9-23-17 5PM EST First off, I'd like to thank "xpat" for sharing these two full reviews here that these days are downloadable but, for a cost, or so I have found on sites that offer dated information. What I find unbelievable is only 270 members have viewed his post when I came across it today. If I were asked, or not, these two reviews should be required reading of all members. In its text statements are made regarding AR's changing attitude regarding high-frequency output as did the outcome of the AR-10 and 11, later they continued with better high-frequency response. As an owner of AR-3a's since 1972, I was always bewildered why AR's philosophy regarding their engineering of their high-frequency tweeter's output because to me the AR speakers always sounded muted from my first listen and I was 22 years old when I was blessed to own my set of AR's so, there's no doubting of my hearing ability. Not that I doubt my hearing ability presently but, it is true as one ages, high frequencies are usually the first to go or at least can diminish. It wasn't until 1974 and two years of numerous returns of my AR-3a tweeters to AR for replacement that I took the plunge and purchased a set of "Micro-Acoustics'" tweeter array and I have never looked back on my decision as not being a correct one. One merely has to look back at AR's 'St' offering of their little box which contained one extra tweeter and midrange which I believe was in the later '50s or early '60s. Then, there were the additional offerings from other companies that offered auxiliary 'add-on' tweeters, and some at premium prices. Anyone who is content with the older AR high-frequencies might take particular note here. I believe it took AR a long time before they made the change and openly admitted by making a tweeter that not only could handle more input power but, offered increased high-frequency energy and output. One doesn't have to look any further than the AR-10 and AR-11 tweeters and their offerings afterwards that drove this point home. Like I mentioned above, I've been content with greater and higher levels of high frequencies for many years now since 1974 when I woke up to this reality and I could never live-on tolerating unrealistic portrayals of diminished high frequencies since, nor would I ever chose to listen to anything lesser than AR's 12 inch woofers when speaking of bass-response. FM Full size current models at the time were the AR-11 and AR-10
  22. Looking to sell my AR Holographic Imaging M2 bookshelf speakers and MC1 center speaker. The M2, have some cosmetic issues, particular on two corner, one dust cap tore, and was repaired with rubber cement, grills have various small fraying. Stands in pictures not included (attached with stick tack, not screws). I'm looking for $200 shipped to lower 48 states. Local pickup in Las Vegas for $150 All reasonable offers considered
  23. I think the woofer in the 303 had a butyl rubber surround. I wonder where one of those might be found, or if they've gone the way of everything else AR OEM.
  24. AR speakers & lots of speaker parts

    Here are a few caps from Joe. I sold almost all of them so this is just what's left and they're fancy "esoteric" caps. Trouble is, I don't know how to price them so will consider fair offers. PDF with photos attached. Thanks Kent Rutledge remaining capacitors.pdf
  25. Quite likely it is a result of forum software upgrades. I'm guessing the file is actually somewhere on the forum but not where the link points. That's a shame; I've seen 8 and 10 year old threads that were trashed, but this is from 2014 and suggests institutional memory here has advanced Alzheimer's.
  26. Anyone know why this link is no longer available? AR-3a-vs-AR-11_Tweeter_ARHPG_001.pdf
  27. AR3, AR-3a match with Mcintosh MC240?

    Great suggestion. Best of both worlds.
  28. AR3, AR-3a match with Mcintosh MC240?

    Mix and match the MC2155, and the MX110z preamp, when you receive it. That would add some tube flavor to your solid state amp. That could work well too. Welcome, and Good Luck!
  29. The AR 2X.... opinions?....

    Yes. These were my first ARs, so I had a sentimental attachment. But I also could never accept the lack of high end. Only took me ~20 years to upgrade :-)
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