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  2. Carl Richard (Carlspeak) RIP 11-11-2017

    Rest In Peace, Carl.
  3. KLH Model 5 Crossover 1967?

    Thanks to all the members that have documented Model 5 crossover rebuilds here, especially JKent and Carlspeak. I found my 5's about 4 years ago and today I replaced my first capacitors ever and knew exactly what to expect when I pulled them out, because of all the info here on classicspeakers. Just to add to the knowledge/history base of the Model 5 I thought it would be helpful to upload a few pics of the crossover which seems to be a fairly early run version This version has the 2x2uF capacitor.and the 2x4uF capacitor, these seem to cause confusion for some people, and I definitely would have been lost without the knowledge shared here. Number 350 on the back of crossover. Serial #'s are 05946 & 05943, the M-5 test date "appears" to be October 30 1967. It is very faded but when held just right in the light that's what I see. I haven't pulled the other crossover so maybe it'll be legible on it. Speaker build date is Nov. 27 1967 a month after. A few other points. The the tone control knobs on this version have small set screws holding them on. I think this changed on later versions and they just pull off and don't have set screws. When removing the crossover all I did was take off the tone knobs, the speaker thumb nuts and the nuts holding them to the backplate, unscrewed the screws inside the cabinet and it came right out. The plate stayed attached to the cabinet. I "think" I've seen different versions of how these come out? The cloth behind the woofer protecting it from the fiberglass packing, was the same black cloth used on the backside of the grills. I believe I have seen some with a white cloth there. Hope this is of some use to someone along the way and many, many thanks to everyone here for all the info on these wonderful speakers. Paul Edit: I just saw where Mr. Carl is no longer with us. Rest in Peace.
  4. AR-2a thoughts ( again )

    I seem to have found the sweet spot by replacing the Aetna-Odious rheostats with ohmite and changing the 6 uf mid cap to 8uf. They will now be ensconced in the reading room. S/N’s 42762 & 38461
  5. AR-2ax Craigslist 11-17-17

    I caught a pair of these off CL for $40, needing restoration of course. Similar sized houses, actually inhabitable, can go for a lot less, depending on neighborhood.
  6. Yesterday
  7. AR 5's: The bargain AR

    My 5s aren't connected now but what you describe is so close to what I experienced it must be correct. I yield to your superior knowledge Adams
  8. AR 5's: The bargain AR

    Congrats on buying a pair of AR5s - I would never part with my pair which were bought new. For many years, they were driven by a Sherwood S8900a (60W RMS per channel). The Sherwood was sufficient IMO for enjoying these speakers with most any kind of material. In the 90s I upgraded my amp to an Adcom GFA 555II which is rated as 200 watts per channel @ 8 ohms. I never get the pre-amp volume control over half way up because the music is literally too loud. (My music room is 24x12). For your size room, a 60 watt amp should be more than sufficient.
  9. AR 5's: The bargain AR

    The difference in dcr between the 3a and 5 tweeter and mid drivers is approximately 2.5 ohms. AR-3a mids and tweeters are easily adapted to the AR-5 with inexpensive resistors placed in line with each. Increasing the AR-5's tweeter capacitor from 4uf to 6uf allows the AR-3a tweeter to be used in the 5 as is, without the need for the series resistor. In fact, Chris' rebuild of an AR-5/later 2ax tweeter with the 3a tweeter's voice coil would also work well in this way. The body and the magnet of the tweeters (and mids) are the same. Roy
  10. ar3 for sale

    Saw this ad on e-bay today: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Acoustic-Research-AR-3a-speakers/322878725975?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D49476%26meid%3D159089f0b443460cab3240abcb154ca1%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D162761176145&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m2219
  11. AR 5's: The bargain AR

    AR-5s are 8-ohm speakers and the AR-3a/58s are 4-ohm speakers, and when you switch from one to the other with the same preamp input-voltage gain, the AR-3a/58s have a 3 dB advantage due to lower impedance (drawing more current for a given voltage level), making them seem more efficient. Actually, the AR-5 and AR-3a are very close in sensitivity. --Tom Tyson
  12. AR-2ax Craigslist 11-17-17

    You would never see these in California, especially the Bay Area, in this condition, for less then $400. Probably more. That is a screaming deal. But then again I saw huge, 3000+ sq feet homes being sold on House Hunters in Richmond yesterday for less then $400K. So I guess there is still value to be had some places in the country.
  13. HiVi q1r install

    After the last couple evenings of listening to mixed program material, I am quite pleased with the sound of these tweets. I do find it frustrating that my hearing is declining, specifically in the right ear. The sine wave test into the 2ax’s shows that the left still hears up to about 14 kcps and the right is dead to anything above 9 kcps. A couple weeks back at the CSO, hearing Haydn, Bartok, Bach and Beethoven I came to the conclusion that the orchestra was muffled and needed a bit of EQ tweaking. I’m sure it’s not my ears.
  14. AR 5's: The bargain AR

    There is usually a good supply on Ebay. Which does not bode well for finding complete AR 5's. However, there is often a pair or two of decent AR 5's on the Bay. I am waiting for a pristine pair. No crunched cabinets.
  15. I'd consider them if I wasn't already fully stocked. $150, reduced from $200 a while back. No affiliation. https://richmond.craigslist.org/ele/6364810184.html "Pair of refurbished AR2ax speakers. Ready to listen - Lightly sanded and oiled the walnut; these have a couple scars for added character, but no major imperfections. Drivers all work, pots cleaned (but still scratchy), new caps, new foam, new grille cloth. Restuffed with original insulation. No sequential serials here, but they're about 100 apart. No pics with the grilles fully in place because it's a pain and half to get them back off again, so I'm leaving them off until the buyer has inspected them."
  16. AR 5's: The bargain AR

    There was a pair of AR5's for sale on Craigslist less than a month ago for $150. They appeared to be in very good condition. Who knows. At any rate, AR3 & AR3a midrange drivers are hard enough to get hold of and with the much lower volume of AR5s out there, the outlook for replacing failed drivers is bleak at best.
  17. Last week
  18. Rectilinear X or Xa

    There are a few AR models that have a similar enclosure for open-back midrange drivers, but I've never seen an MDF sub-compartment on a Rectilinear speaker, and I've never seen one that also included the tweeter. Like the plastic tub you describe for the Rect III, it sounds identical to the ones I have encountered with the Mini III, as shown in attached pic.
  19. "I have the option of getting an bluetooth speaker under $50 and I find Bose and JBL are too expensive. Can you give me an advice to buy an high quality and low price speaker? Thanks."--From Yahoo Answer. According to the use of my friends, they generally believe that iPop Bluetooth Speaker is worth to buy. You can enjoy HD stereo sound with an impressive volume whether you're partying, jogging, camping, hiking, biking or lounging around the house.It guarantees up to 10 hours of playtime and water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.
  20. AR 5's: The bargain AR

    This is an update for both the AR 77-XB and GE VR 1000 cartridge. The tonearm on the AR XB and 77-XB tracks very well. Often, the vertical bearings are adjusted too tight on the tonearm. This will be obvious if you get inconsistent readings while trying to set VTF. I backed out ONE screw a quarter turn and the tonearm now has insignificant vertical friction. As concerning the GE VR 1000, there is an elliptical stylus for it. The EVG2751DE. It tracks fine with my AR 77-XB at 3 grams. AFAIK, I am the only one with a supply of those styli. I have given up on the rare, overpriced, and useless 0.5 mil versions that are supposed to track at 1-3 grams. They are so old that the suspensions have turned to cement and they track nothing.
  21. Rectilinear X or Xa

    After opening them up, I see the Xa has a fairly large MDF sub-enclosure for the midrange (& tweeter). Contrast this with the big, plastic, deli container that is attached behind the Philips midrange in the III.
  22. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Hi David, Being a one year wonder, I'm not surprised they don't show up in your neck of the woods. They rarely show up here in the states! You're lucky to have a pair! Glenn
  23. HiVi q1r install

    Stock capacitance, polarity reversed, mid value on pot ( white dot-ish ) seems to be most pleasing. When I called the Bride in to the workroom to render judgement, she listened for a few minutes and proclaimed that I finally got this pair right. Final approval remains to be granted on the pair of 2a which I have been playing with recently though. Thanks all, for the pearls of wisdom offered on this endeavor. Lou
  24. AR-6 Restoration

    I am late to this party but I noticed the white coned woofers look exactly like what Klipsch used in the KG 4's. They would never be suitable for a small enclosure. I have a pair of the original design 6's as well as 3a's. In the past, I had 7's. The 7's come nowhere close to the original design 6's for bass response.
  25. HiVi q1r install

    Ok, so my old ears seem to prefer a bit more in your face high end these days to compensate for their declining response. That being said, the pots are the original but cleaned up Aetna- pollock, I did glue the 1/4” spacer in and have yet to add any capacitance in series. This leaves the question of phase. I’ll try both and see how they sound. thanks! Lou
  26. Another KLH Five recap

    That was fun Kent. Not as fun as restoring these fives though..... I hope the non-working tweeter is just a bad cap. I'll try to take some pics and upload them. Maybe I'll open them up and check it out this weekend. BTW, the price on fleabay was more than fair, but I'll take you up on your offer next time.
  27. HiVi q1r install

    So you're fine Lou. Told ya Roy would clarify things. Kent
  28. I'm afraid it has happened?

    Thanks. I have not been on here in a long time. I was involved and still am with the resurrection of the GE VR 1000 phono cartridges. I finally found some good styli for the cartridges and bought out all remaining stock. All 108 EVG from Russell Industries.
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