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  2. I am glad to see you did not abandon your thread. First, you should play back your file on your LSTs instead of computer speakers before you try it out on others. Re the 5s: You are correct about the 5s, but the article you reference is strictly concerning the accuracy of the 5s DAC output and not its A to D conversion recording through its mic. I agree with you and Ken Rockwell, the Apple DACs contained within their airplay products, are surprisingly good bargains. You happen to have one in your MacBook Pro which is an excellent digital front end. Have you ever to used it as a hi fidelity music source? You can use it to play your recording back on those LSTs I am also glad you found my photo. Taken out of context, it does appear I have a mess on my hands but If you will read the post in which it was contained, you know it was a temporary test configuration from over a year ago. BTW I am all for the intent of this thread. I just don’t see how listening to smartphone recordings on computer speakers achieves anything worthwhile. Re: Fanfare for the Common Man: it plays for less time than most popular songs and has powerful transients going from silence to very loud in a hurry but, with a quality recording, everything about the dynamic and musical range of the piece is disclosed in the first minute or maybe even the first 30 seconds. There are other options. What would you suggest? I would be happy to hear a smartphone recording of your LSTs playing HDR material of your choice. Adams
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  4. ra.ra

    Acoustic Research AR4x identification

    Hi Giorgio, that is a very nice-looking pair of 4x's and you're right, the 8-inch woofers with that damping ring are not very common. By all appearances, those are a fully matching pair - - - both woofers with ring and only four screw holes in basket; red plastic control dials on potentiometer; and identical panel materials for cabinet construction. Grilles, badges, veneer and labels all look virtually identical as well. There may be no obvious explanation for the jump in serial numbers from ±6000 to ±7000, but perhaps some of these thoughts might offer some context. What you interpret as "fa" is actually a sloppy handwritten version of "FX". AR-4 speaker label serial numbers began with a designation "F", and once the model 4x was introduced this became "FX". Since you are in Europe, and these speakers date from 1969, I am going to propose that the "H" notation designates the AR facility in Holland, which I believe opened in Amersfoort in 1969...... and it seems comprehensible that the AR printed labels did not yet reflect this Holland address below the usual Cambridge address. It is also understandable that you would think these s/n's should be much higher by 1969, but it is clear that the Euro numbering did not fit sequentially with USA production units. Just for example, I have several pairs of USA AR-4x's nearby, and their numbers and dates are as follows: ±38000 (1966); ±159000 (1968); ±318000 (1970); and ±383000 (1971). I hope maybe some comments here might be helpful to you.
  5. David Cutter

    Freaky AR 3's for sale...WTF?

    I just received a message back from the seller. "I covered them with contact paper to match my wall unit. One of them has the woofer replaced with a similar one. There’s no problem with it performance." She's asking $630!
  6. Contrary to what you say, the iPhone has a notably good audio and frequency response https://kenrockwell.com/apple/iphone-5s-audio-quality.htm It's what you use for your listening components and room that matter, and especially judging from images that you've shown I'm forced to wonder as others would, if the room and speakers are properly arranged or if any sort of accurate statements/listening can be made. Fanfare for the Common Man is hardly a good piece to use for a thorough or even brief comparison as it is somewhat limited in its presentation and certainly too lengthy. If this is what you're using as shown in your foto below, I'd like to see the rest of the room as shown from a your typical seating perspective before I would find fault with your phone's ability. To aid in understanding, I'm sure we'd all like to hear a sampling of what your playback sounds like as this is what this thread is all about. If you're not receiving a good quality from my video clips, something is askew on your end for certain.
  7. Just FYI. I have no connection with the listing. I happened to be checking EB for "Allison Acoustics" out of boredom yesterday and saw this. There is a listing for this, along with shipping materials and signed RA ephemera. Seller is in MA. I have no frame of reference for price of the item. I won't post the direct link out of consideration for expiring links and cluttering the forum. austingonzo
  8. @Long Live Roy what is the status of the remaining 3's? Did you dispose of them already or are you in a hurry to do so? I have plenty of unused vacation on the books, a 2018 Mazda 3 hatchback needing some highway miles and am just crazy enough to consider a cross-country drive for fun. I probably couldn't look at this until mid-July though, as I am vacationing in LA with my son at the top of the month. austingonzo
  9. Hi, I illustrate this pair of my AR4x, produced at the end of 1969 (as written on the woofer magnets, dated 46 69 and 47 69). There is a week of age difference between the two woofers, both have a foam ring on the cone (which is very rare, I think I only saw another pair with this ring on the cone). The serial numbers (which should be close to about 300000) are identified with AR4x Hfa 006195 and Hfa 00750 .. (the last two numbers are illegible) Why is the numbering not progressive, as usual? Perhaps this numbering is exclusive for AR4x with ring on the woof The photos illustrate: the speakers with grilles, speakers without grilles, back of the speakers, the two labels with the model and serial number, the woofer magnets
  10. Aadams

    Freaky AR 3's for sale...WTF?

    Even if you have a couple of original woofers on hand these units are not worth much. The tweeter and the mid probably need work and the cabs are a mess. Without original woofers they are worth nothing except to scavenge parts IMO. Adams
  11. RickB

    Freaky AR 3's for sale...WTF?

    Not only "enhanced" but the woofers looked replaced-double "YUK"!!!
  12. JKent

    Freaky AR 3's for sale...WTF?

    My guess is they're unfinished utility cabinets that someone "enhanced." Yuk!
  13. David Cutter

    Freaky AR 3's for sale...WTF?

    Just saw these for sale (not cheap) with no details...Just a couple of pics. Are they salvageable? Comments?
  14. Yesterday
  15. Hi Scoup. I have only recently become familiar with DA speakers, too - - in fact, I began a thread here a few months ago about some model D-4 speakers that came my way. With the exception of that dome tweeter, your front drivers (all Peerless?) look similar to what's in the D-4, but I'd love to see pics of your woofers, if possible. Also, am curious about the crossover cap value for that 5" midrange driver. Your story about the performance evaluation is pretty strange, but at least they are now providing some very satisfying results. DA speakers are not all that common, but the model D-8 seems to be an especially rare bird. This may not read all that well, but here is a 1973 article by designer George Sioles on omnidirection. Also, a brief listing of DA models from a 1977 buyer's guide.
  16. bubba

    What Dynaco Equipment Do You Use?

    I use 2 Mark3's with 2 mono PAM-1 Preamps and A-25s and a Thorens TD-145. In another room I have a set of Mk4's I just restored and a PAS Preamp with a Dual 1019. Also have an ST70 and a Pas 3. All sound great.
  17. bubba

    Flap or fart sound at heavy bass

    I have 2 Dynaco A-25s. When I put on a Radiohead LP or something with hard techno drums or sub bass I hear a crappy bass flap sound out of one of the woofers. Is the Woofer done? Voicecoil or cone? When I push on the cone I might feel a faint rub but barely or not much hard to tell. It is subtle. Woofer looks brand new. I am assuming this is a common problem. What can I do to fix? Can it be repaired? Crossover caps are original so are the woofers in both I believe. If I listen to the average LP with Bass UP I do not hear this. Just when I put an LP on with Harsh Electronic drums. THe other side does not do this and I have swapped speaker so I know it is not the amplifer. 2 dynaco Mk4's and Pas Preamp. Any advise appreciated. Also Side Question, Is there any benefit to changing the 5uF caps in the crossover? I have heard of electrolytics drying up but do these unpolarised caps really do that? Tweeders seem to sound fine. thx
  18. Capitol C

    NATURAL PINE AR3 - Not sure what to do with them

    I bought my 3as in 1972 in unfinished pine because it saved me some money. I think the savings was $50 each, but it might have been $50 for the pair, perhaps someone still has an old price list. That doesn't seem like much, but I was working summers when I was off from college and earning $1.75 per hour, so it was a lot to me. I originally stained them and finished them with a mix of oil and shellac ("French polish"). A few years ago I filled a few small scratches in the wood, very lightly sanded, and painted them black to go with more modern furniture. I figure that I can change that in the future, either going back to the original pine, or even putting on walnut veneer myself. No matter what the finish, they still sound fine!
  19. rnathans00

    RDL Acoustics F-1

    The F-1 appears to be a nice update to the original CD-7. Very hard to find, like most in that RDL line. The company didn't last long, and I assume didn't sell too many units. Like the CD-7, the F-1 was meant to be positioned against the wall, while the more conventional FS-1 was meant to be positioned into the room. I tested a set of F-1's back then, but they didn't work in my bedroom space, and I sent them back.
  20. I don't know much about the IC-10, but the rest look like the later Kentucky versions of the original Allison series. I used to own an an Allison One, but sold it a few years ago, replacing it with a set of Revel M22 stand-mounts. As I recall, the later Allisons updated the One, Three and Four series, maybe others. Very desirable - and count me among those desiring one of those Threes. The Three has drivers on just one face, arranged like those shown in the last photo. The One has *two* such faces and would be positioned well in from the corners. I'm wondering if the mystery models might be One's. I'm curious why one set of Threes would lack the crossovers, without which one has just a bunch of drivers in a box - albeit a nice box here.
  21. Norman, Welcome to this forum! That is an interesting story about your experience at the AR Music Room on the west balcony in GCT. I had forgotten that the room was air-conditioned, but now that you mention it, I do recall that it felt very comfortable up in the room. I spent quite a lot of time up there in 1966 and again in 1968, two trips I made to the New York High Fidelity Music Show. Those were fun memories that I had there, too, along with attending the hifi show. At the time, my girlfriend lived in Manhattan, so we all had a great time! I got to know Walt Berry quite well during that time and his assistant Barbara. During those years, AR had over 100,000 people a year visit the room, but no sales were ever allowed to be made. In 1994, AR made a return visit to GCT, but this time renting the east balcony. By now, the old AR building was long-gone, but AR rented the east balcony to celebrate "AR's 40th Birthday Party," a celebration and trip down AR memory lane that included most of the "who's who" in high-fidelity audio history at the time. --Tom Tyson
  22. Swilli

    AR4x Static

    Thanks for all of the replies. It ended being a damaged woofer. I ended replacing the woofers in both cabinets and now good to go. Thanks!!
  23. Pete B

    EPI 100 Restoration

    Found some newer (to me) Playing for Change tunes and made a playlist here that I've been listening to:
  24. Pete B

    EPI 100 Restoration

    Hi Robert, Those look very nice, I've never seen the rubber edged version in real life and I wonder if there is any difference in the sound. And thank you for the nice comments. Pete B.
  25. Last week
  26. Today, in the spirit of this thread, using an Iphone 5s, I made video and audio files of some Van Morrison and Copland to see if I could produce something decent enough to share here. After several attempts, I determined the best results were recorded too close to the system to get the speakers in the picture so I focused on the sound with the idea that before I posted anything I would “eat my own dog food” by first playing back the files on my systems. Bottom line is, for low dynamic range material that features a vocalist the sound was constrained but would have passed the computer speaker test. When I played back the first minute of Fanfare for the Common Man, on Telarc, it became obvious that an Iphone 5s cannot capture the dynamic range that is being heard by my ears. It was in no way a reasonable facsimile. FM. You have a fine Apple computer that will natively play hi res digital files. If you connect it through an inexpensive DAC or even directly through RCAs to your Preamp and listen to your recording, you will hear what I am talking about. I know your LSTs do not sound like smartphone recordings. BTW the computer on which this post was composed has the same Altec computer speakers you describe purchasing in 2001 and I agree they are adequate for assessing music files to gauge interest but I use their headphone jack most of the time. Adams
  27. RoyC

    AR4x Static

    At least one significant problem is most likely to be a damaged woofer in the offending speaker cabinet. The next step to take (since replacing the amp) is to remove the woofer, and try playing some music through it independently. The lifting tweeter cone edge is a common issue and should be addressed as well, but "no bass" is a woofer issue, and does not involve level controls or capacitors. Roy
  28. The thread was moved to the section of the site that is for peoples' pictures of their systems. If anything, I probably waited too long to move it Feel free to complain to the site owner if you feel it is inappropriate.
  29. I can see the smile on your face as you were writing this. However, if you sincerely believe I am one of those individuals to whom you refer above , you have misunderstood my contributions to your thread and I mistake your motives creating it.
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