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Altec Lansing Voice of the Theater A7-500-8A

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Posted 19 September 2001 - 02:00 AM

Go over to http://www.audioasyl...ms/HUG/bbs.html, and use the search function, to learn about what can be achieved with horns. VOTT-style speakers appear in many forms, historically perhaps the ultimate being the Electrovoice Patrician, with 30" woofer.

'Horns' tend to load the room and dissapear into the music - that may be the property you are enjoying. The A7 would be realtively brutal, as these things go. For hifi or home use one would usually want to add a horn tweeter, to add 'brilliance' to the undoubted 'presence'.


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Posted 24 May 2001 - 02:19 AM

The A- 7 was a good speaker in its day. By todays standards they leave alot to be desired. I own a pair with a set of 1005 horns and the stock (515?) horns and two sets of drivers also.They are a good speaker with limited high frequency. They are very effiencent and would work well with small wattage tube gear. In theatres they would align the auditoriums so that there is an "academy curve" which would roll the high frequency off starting at 2k! The A-7 never reached better 16k and I doubt they do much after 12k! Hardly what I would call high end. They are all about midrange and that they do well. The low end I believe only goes down to about 50hz without strain. The A-7's have been replaced in theatres with higher quality speakers that can handle digital dynamics. I for one would look for other speakers on the market for both home theatre application and 2 channel listening.I believe the 500 on your set refers to the crossover frequency. They also had other frequencys they crossed at over the years. The 8A your refer to is a 8 ohm driver. There were also 16 ohm and 24 ohm drivers available. Seems collectors have a thing for the 16 and 24ohm setups, why I dont know, maybe easier load for tube amps? I would have no problem selling or trading mine!


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Posted 22 May 2001 - 05:28 PM

Probably the most used in the theater industry from the thirties to present day . Also very highly sought after by collecters and hi - fi buffs . They are the most perfect speakers for home theater that I have ever owned . They will take you right into the middle of a movie that you never believed possable in your home . They are very big and have a large tweeter horn on top with a fifteen inch woofer in a bass horn on bottom . If you get a chance to hear them you will remember them as the best ever. I play my T-2 DVD for everyone I know and they can feel the sounds just like they are in the set themselves . The gun shots make you check for blood around you. My biker friends love the Harley sounds and they are the most realistic you can hear . They are the REAL THEATER SPEAKERS and most of them came from a theater or club . Mine were built in 71 and have 5000 miles on them as the vocal speakers from many top rock bands in the past and then were at a disco for ten years and now in my rec.room . Yes they still make them today.,,,,,,,,,,,,,Roy,,,,,,not for sale

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