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Bid Sansui AMPS BA-5000 , 3000 ,AU-9500 ,999 etc.

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Posted 19 July 2002 - 08:59 PM

would you believe i still use two dual 1009's with a sure m55e cartridges? treat my vinyls good.

i run them through yamaha receivers of recent vintage driving bozak 250's, infinity rs-6's, epicure 100's, and some big yamaha three ways. i use a m-k 12" self powered sub to round out the sound.

i juice up the sound by running all of the speakers by slaving one older yamaha receiver to the newest av receiver to run four of the speakers so that all eight run at the same time. visitors are amazed at the wall of great sound produced.

the rigged system melds all of the speaker characteristics into one good sound stage. heretical? i guess so, but many of my friends are uncomfortable at how good it sounds in comparison with their high end systems.


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Posted 04 June 2001 - 03:00 AM

Roy - like you, I feel that the old Sansui equipment is better than most of the equipment now available. I have a Sansui AU-7700 integrated amp that I still use, but only the amplifier stage as the preamp needs some work (I use a Marantz 1060 integrated amp - preamp stage to drive the Sansui). The 4 Bang & Olufson speakers sound great with the clean signal I get from the old electronics. A question for you. I would like to get the Sansui fixed, do you have any suggestions as to where to go for quality repairs? By the way, I still listen to LPs and tape, as well as CD.


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Posted 22 May 2001 - 05:28 PM

Is anyone still using these old amps like me ? I've got six of them and two Dynaco 400's and two 300's. Sansui made the best equipment in the seventies and mid eighties as far i'm concerned anyway but that's my opinion . What do you use for amps and pre-amps ? Does anyone still play records anymore and what cartridges are you using now ?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Roy

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