Hi, I'm Mark, the webmaster around these parts.  The Classic Speaker Pages have been online since 1997.  I developed the concept after I started repairing and upgrading classic speakers (Acoustic Research in particular) as a hobby in college.  Many times during my adventures I would become frustrated by lack of information available on the web.  The Classic Speaker Pages were born!

Some of you who have been around since the beginning know that this website has moved around quite a bit.  The first host was located at Westfield State College, the second MediaOne, the third Fastdial, and finally I became my own host.  Now I know how many friends can be made when a website you're responsible for crashes.  ;)

In mid-June 2009 I started a new high-technology litigation consulting company, Arsenal Consulting, which has significantly impacted my ability to update The Classic Speaker Pages.  I hope to set aside some time each month to make updates to the Library and have been looking into distributing responsibilities in the Discussion area.

This website is by no means an authoritative resource on the speaker manufacturers or models represented here.  Most of the information on The Classic Speaker Pages has been contributed by visitors.  Please submit information on classic speakers that you feel we may be missing, such as repair and upgrade information, brochures, manuals, advertisements, and schematics.  And finally, browse through the discussion forums.  A great deal of information is there, just waiting to be discovered!

If God wanted us to go to concerts, He would have given us tickets.  AR circa 1980.